Southridge Capital; the Ultimate Financial Solutions Option for the Connecticut People

Southridge Capital is a financial solutions company based in Connecticut. It was started in 1996 to fill the gap in the financial needs market left by the existing institutions. It has grown to become a group of companies with several branches and affiliates in Connecticut and the neighboring locations. Southridge Capital specializes in investment banking and securities services.

Southridge Activities

Southridge Capital has pumped over $81.8 billion into investments. The company has chosen to direct most of its money towards growth companies. The company has grown over the years to become a trusted partner in the investment and securities business sector. So far, Southridge Capital has assisted over 250 public companies to ply their trade along a profitable lane. The Southridge Capital team is led by the able hands and mind of Mr. Stephen M. Hicks. Mr. Hicks is also a founding member of Southridge. He serves as CEO and principal of the financial solutions firm. The organization also offers asset financing options to the Connecticut people in need of a streamlined financial partnership.

Apart from direct financing of investments and assets, Southridge Capital also offers consultancy services to companies that wish to clean up their activities and focus on profitability. Some of the services they offer include how to transform a company into a public entity. Companies can also benefit from Southridge Capital through learning how to fine tune their balance sheets to the optimum. There are several other financial consultancy services that Southridge offers. The institution was started to assist Connecticut people, so it has both corporate and private clients. Southridge Capital stands out because of the individualized financing options that it offers the public. You can follow their Facebook and Twitter page.

The Leadership Structure and Team

For any company to excel in its activities there must be an organized structure to coordinate its operations. The leadership must work as a team to realize the company objectives. Southridge has a team of leaders with a lot of experience and training in their areas of operation. As mentioned earlier, the team is led by Stephen M Hicks, who serves as the CEO. The CEO is in charge of Business Development. He is the one who looks beyond the horizon and senses the available opportunities that the company should grab. The Chief Financial Officer is Narine Persuad. Narine oversees the accounts of the fund and manages the cash at the company. The Research Division is headed by Laurence J Ditkoff. He is the one that does the evaluation of investments.

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