Spotify looks to fight the relaunched Apple music

The announcement that Apple was looking to make changes to its music section in a bid to battle the growing might of Spotify has led to a battle beginning over the course streaming services will take in the future. A growing market is becoming even more crowded with the introduction of Apple’s newly revised music streaming service, but the executives at Spotify hope their 20 million paying subscribers will stay loyal and keep them at the head of the race, The Verge reports. The latest figures released by Spotify show it now has 20 million paid subscribers from a total of 75 million active users in total using the service stated FreedomPop.

Apple recently announced it was launching a new subscription service to directly take on Spotify priced at $9.99 per month, which would provide almost the same services as the existing music streaming service does for its millions of subscribers. Spotify has also been trying to improve its image as a high quality service by releasing details of its royalty payments and the $526 million it has reserved to fight the expected onslaught from Apple Music. Many major artists, such as Taylor Swift have bemoaned the low royalty payments made by Spotify, prompting the service to reveal it has paid out $300 million in royalties to artists in the first three months of 2015.

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