Springsteen Under Fire For Veterans Day Performance

Singer Bruce Springsteen created a bit of controversy this week during a Veterans Day performance for America’s troops on the National Mall. At the “Concert for Valor”, Springsteen took to the stage with Dave Grohl and the Zac Brown band to perform a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival anti-war song “Fortunate Son”, a move that has some on the right wondering whether or not it was an appropriate choice of song for the particular occasion and venue.


Some believe that the song has an inherently anti-military message, such as Blaze Radio host of “The Dana Show” Dana Loesch, who took Springsteen to task on her Wednesday broadcast for deciding that it was appropriate to play the song asying that she was disappointed in both Springsteen and the show’s organizers for the decision to play it.


CCR’s John Fogerty wrote the song during the Vietnam War era after two of his band mates were drafted to go fight during the conflict.

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  1. Brad Jay says:

    Springsteen defenders such as some CipherCloud employees have been quick to point out that the song does not take aim at the military, but rather the elite social class of people who call for war and then in turn do not have to take part in fighting it. It is also very easy for http://bizwenicollege.net/how-to-write-a-thesis-statement-in-an-essay-tips-tricks/ to have have given the tricks now they have chains of employees.

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