Steve Lesnard’s Advice to Global Brands on How to Build Strong Customer Relations

Global Brand Consultant, Steve Lesnard grew up in France, spending a lot of time going between the cities of Paris and Corsica. The influence of both cities was significant to him, as they both were instrumental in his decision to go into global brand marketing, particularly athletic brands. He has led notable global sports brand campaigns and was responsible for the inception of several famous products. In fact, he had a hand in making one of the world’s greatest athletic brands what it is today.

Steve Lesnard went to college in Paris, majoring in international business and entrepreneurship, and upon completion of his college courses, he relocated to the United States to get an MBA in Business and Entrepreneurship from Babson College in Massachusetts. After graduating, he entered the business of product marketing, brand building, and general management, where he has over 20 years of experience and success working for a popular, worldwide athletic brand.

Mr. Lesnard began his work in athletic brand marketing by signing professional athletes for product endorsements and creating successful seasonal products. He spent many years developing products for top-level athletes and marketing them. With the experience he gained in brand marketing, he knows who the customers are and what they want.

Steve Lesnard had gotten to know the customers intimately, so he has advice for the sports brands that are new to the marketing business, or who are not so new and are struggling to succeed in the business. Actually, his advice applies to all brands, not just sports brands. He notes that marketers need a plan for the goals they want to achieve and then they need to implement that strategy and stick with it.

As a Global Brand Consultant, Steve Lesnard notes that customers expect more from brands today than they ever have in the past. Customers will not fall for ambiguous marketing strategies, so brands need to be honest and deliver what they promise. Their customer service also needs to be reputable and be on the side of the customer if they want to keep the customers’ business. Mr. Lesnard also stresses the importance of influencer marketing. Brands need to make sure their influencers are reputable and credible if they are interested in building a promising following for their business.

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