Susan McGalla: An Inspiration to Working Women Everywhere

Susan P. McGalla is a strong female force in the corporate world. Through many years of hard work and determination, she has become an astronomical success through P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a company for which she is the founder.

However, McGalla wasn’t always a corporate executive. She started out in East Liverpool, Ohio, where she grew up with two brothers and her father, who happened to be the local football coach. Her family did not offer any lenience just because she was a girl; she was raised to work hard and earn her own place in this world. McGalla is a well-educated woman, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Mount Union College.

McGalla has created a successful career for herself, which started out at the well-known retail chain, American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters during the year 1994, where she was the only female with an executive position. As she rose through the ranks at this retail chain, Susan McGalla eventually earned the title of Chief Merchandising Officer. This position held her responsible for revenues of more than three billion dollars and assets.

After her long and strengthening career with American Eagle, McGalla on  went on to become a private consultant for various investment opportunities and companies. As she continued to work hard and excel within this career, she earned her place on the Board of Directors. She soon moved on to become the chief executive officer for yet another well-known retail chain: Wet Seal. McGalla has an admirable work ethic that is seen throughout her career, earning her the top positions at prestigious and well liked companies nationwide.

Following these positions, McGalla decided it was time to create her own company. P3 Executive Consulting was the result of her decision. A very prestigious and successful company, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC offers financial consulting services to the top people in the Finance industry. With her abundant experience, Susan McGalla is able to provide insight into the world of retail and investments. Her many successes are a result of her ability to work hard, and pursue goals with much determination.

Throughout her career, McGalla has faced large challenges in the business world, simply because of her gender. McGalla has never let this stop her, because she was brought up to work hard regardless of the circumstances. McGalla is an inspiration for aspiring businesswomen all over the world. It is time to consider that people are hardworking and strong, regardless of gender. Anyone can be successful if they dedicate themselves to working hard.

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