Susan McGalla And Talent Management

When a person realizes that he is good at doing a certain thing or in a certain field, the same should be mentored so that it can be put to a better use. Talent management is mostly common in companies and organization especially in the human resource departments as way of improving the business value through strategic planning of human resources. Organization which are keen at achieving its targets take the issue of employees’ affairs very seriously and will go extra miles to ensure that the employees are well taken care off as way of maximizing their work output as well as ensuring that they also enjoy personal growth. It is also a way of retaining employees in the organisation. The organisation therefore saves on the cost of training new entrants by ensuring that the already experienced workers do not leave the company.

Organizations have therefore come up with a system to support talent management which is not only supported by the human resource department but the whole organisation. Managers at all levels of production should ensure that their subordinates are comfortable while undertaking their duties. They should also assist in the sourcing, attracting, training, developing, retaining, promoting and orienting employees into the organisation. An organisation that follows the talent management system benefits through customer satisfaction, increased productivity which results to increased revenue and quality of the products or services offered. The key reason why organisation put more focus on talent management is to ensure that they retain employees who have undergone through training in his field of operation and is good at his job. This cuts the cost of the company especially at these economic times when the cost of production is high. Talent management also assist the employees to utilize their skills to the highest level which increases organization’s productivity.

Susan McGalla is a known businesswoman who was born in Ohio’s East Liverpool and attended school at Mount Onion College where she received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the year 1982 to 1986. She is currently the director of strategic planning and growth at Pittsburgh Steelers located in Pennsylvania which she joined in February 2005. She has also worked for other organisations at different positions such as American Eagle Outfitters Inc where she was the president and Wet Seal Inc where she was the chief executive officer. She is also privileged to sit in different boards such as HFF Inc and Magee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation where she offers advice on marketing and branding. She also advises companies on finance matters which include various ways of marketing products and services as well as branding products so as to attract customers. With her experience and expertise, she is in demand by companies who want to improve their productivity by reaching out to more customers through rebranding and advertisement. She also provides other services to organizations such as team building, sourcing, strategizing, trend analysis and inventory management.

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