Susan McGalla and the Thoughts of Women Empowerment in Corporate Sector

Presence of women in the corporate sector is a widely discussed topic for long. Most researches and studies have shown that all sort of diversification from gender to ethnic in the workplace actually improves the performance of companies significantly. Due to this reason, major companies around the world look for options to improve both ethnic and gender balance in their workforce. When it comes to women in the corporate sector, a significant churn out is visible in the lower and middle management levels.

But, the trend is not visible in the senior management or leadership level. While there are many reasons for this dropout, the solution is most important. This is where the thoughts of Susan McGalla, a prominent woman executive in the U.S., are highly important. She has a history of working with men and surpassing them in the growth ladder with her management skills and hard work. McGalla proved that women could grow seamlessly if they are dedicated, hardworking, and not compromised by obstacles.

McGalla said that women are not able to get the exposure required for their growth. She thinks that women leadership initiatives are not very useful in making them corporate leaders. McGalla thinks that executive sponsorship is an excellent choice for helping women to grow up in the ladder. The women leaders can sponsor career-oriented women and help them to grow in the organization. They can create critical assignments and create opportunities for them. The sponsor would act as the advocate for the aspiring women and can claim incentives for grooming them. It would even encourage male executives to help serious business women, and that can impart to the overall growth of the organization.

Susan McGalla is an executive with more than two decades of experience. She started with American Eagle Outfitters, a leading retail firm, in the year 1994. When she left the company in 2009, McGalla was the President of it.

After leaving American Eagle, she set up P3 Executive Consulting to help financial markets with advisory services. It also provides expert consulting services in the retail sector. McGalla also assumes the role of the Vice President of The Pittsburgh Steelers with responsibilities of business strategy as well as creative development.

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