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Vinod Gupta: Following a Dream

Being from a small village that didn’t have the common amenities we as Americans have grown so fondly of. Some of these include water and electricity, and toilets. Upon graduating from agricultural engineering he continued his education at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Once in Nebraska, he found a job as a marketing research analyst for mobile homes. Because of his difficulty obtaining the information, he decided to refer to the good ol’ yellow pages, that’s a phonebook for those youngsters, to get the data required for his research in his field. Once he completed the list he gave his employer two options. They could either pay for exclusive rights or receive it free of charge under the terms he was the one selling it to competitors. They took the offer.

He invested burrowed funds in his dream and in less than a month Vinod’s career skyrocketed. His business growth rate was incredible with always keeping the customer’s needs in mind while offering exceptional service.

Having done very well for him and his family, he states that it hasn’t been about the wealth, but in gifting himself with more education. He is very proud of his school of management in India. The school offers several programs and scholarships for specialized individuals who are deserving of world-class management. He expresses once you’ve made you the door is open to help the next ones in line.

Nothing is impossible. If you believe firmly in something you can make it happen. Patience and perseverance are key.

For More info: about.me/vinodgupta1