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Performing to the Standards of Edwin Miranda

A Young Man’s Vision of Performance
Visions, as held by our top leaders, help to form our reality.

Edwin Miranda leverages predictive marketing as if reality is in his hands. He has an agency to support his work. There’s an intricate science in determining what the consumer is doing and how they will spend. Market behaviors result in measurable data for the mind of Edwin Miranda. His is a marketing agency led by vision.

The firm’s work is strengthened through corporate relationships and ambition. It’s the strategies. It’s the ideas; his view takes a unique perspective, but predicting the market requires a tool. That “ruler” for KOI IXS marketing is the mind of Edwin.

With data, testing and consumer targeting, decisions forward to scale the competition. A direct connection to the consumer is then made for a final sale.

Predictive Marketing and the Numbers Adding Up

Passion and desire are the key ingredients for the pace of Edwin Miranda. He’s focused. He wakes up early. The machine learning of his software hasn’t stopped his own education.

Him taking action on a likely outcome isn’t about predicting the future. Don’t let “predictive” marketing mislead you. The work of KOI IXS is preparation.

The markets of the world all change, but they move at a steady pace. There is the hope of clinging onto trends or creating new ones. The waves you surf online can be profitable as long as you’re aware of them. This is why Edwin puts to work an entire team; there are top professionals by his side with insight to wield.

They can take advantage of things unfolding or unfold the event themselves. His daily ambition, market insights and focus, each sets the gears in motion.

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