The Art Of Collecting Local Art

Anyone can collect local art, and they can do it intelligently. That’s the truth. Anyone can collect art without previous knowledge of the art world or a degree in art history. The main ingredient is love and appreciation for fine art, and a desire to collect without regret after you become familiar with a few simple techniques. One of the best places to learn is by visiting local art galleries and talking with local artists. Local art galleries usually have a wide selection of international artists as well as local artists. Some galleries focus on just one artist or a small group of artists, so those galleries are great information centers too. When you can look at different time periods, and study artists from different countries you get a feel for a couple of the things local artists do.

Most local artists draw inspiration from a certain period or one or two well-known artists, and then they develop a style that fits them. Local artists usually work with oil, watercolors or mixed media presentation, and that gives new collectors a feel for the types of art that should be in any collection. The type of art is also important. Studying local contemporary artists is a great way to understand that particular limitless form of art. Adam Sender, the hedge fund manager turned full-time art collector, amassed a huge contemporary art collection in New York, and he did it with the help of a gallery curator. Adam Sender also has an IMDB profile.

Sender had the resources to buy expensive works of art, but the way he collected can be done on any budget. Adam currently lives in Miami, and he has sold pieces of his 20-year-old collection for millions. He has already recouped his original investment plus an incredible profit on paintings that weren’t that old. Sender got his start buying local artists. Sender expanded his awareness using advice, vision and a love for local contemporary art. The art of collecting local art can turn into an international art adventure that never ends.

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