The Contribution of Jeff Aronin to Community Development


Jeff Aronin is the hardworking CEO of an international healthcare and biopharmaceutical investment company called Paragon Biosciences. He has been the chief executive and chairman since 2010. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor degree and later an MBA from the University of DePaul. Jeff Aronin had a driven ambition to make people’s lives better by studying, developing and commercializing medicines for the patients whose medical needs were unmet specifically those with unusual or neglected diseases. Through this, he founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. In 2000 which focused on developing drugs and treating patients.


In 2009, Ovation Company was purchased for $900 million by Lundbeck. Jeff Aronin was still chosen as the CEO for him to oversee the transition process. In 2010, he became the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences and managed the company to become competitive on a worldwide platform. Jeff is motivated by the desire to not only build better companies but also to improve the wellbeing results of patients.


Paragon Biosciences is committed to assisting patients who agonize from diseases that may have little or no cure as directed by Jeff Aronin. The company is aimed at developing products that help in treating disorders in the central nervous and the immune system and also unusual genetic dermatologic illnesses. More than 6000 illnesses have no cure, but the company aims at reducing the number. The company uses a simple and effective process in developing products for the patients ( First, they identify the diseases whereby the patients need is essential, but the treatment accessibility is limited. Secondly, they create vibrant companies that assist in advance research and aim those diseases by providing an infrastructure that helps them to succeed.


These companies include Harmony Bioscience, which identifies, obtains governing approval, advanced drugs to address the needs of the patients with sleeping and CNS disorders. Castle Creek pharmaceuticals develop therapies for patients with unusual dermatologic conditions. Paragon Bioscience has successfully brought new drugs to the market with the approval of 13 FDA. It is committed to increasing and advancing research of diseases and community development.

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