The Endless Efforts That Makes Louis Chenevert Achieve For his Business And His Team

The achievements of one man Louis Chenevert has made the UTC Company become one of the most successful companies in the USA, and the company continues to make profound gains in the market share. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert was appointed the CEO of the UTC when the world was facing the hard recession times. His leadership saw the firm’s share price rise from $37 to $117 within a short time after recession period ended seeing a steady payout of dividends to the shareholders. He made the achievements without outsourcing any form of production or skills but made use of his engineers as he ever wants to build a dedicated team by appreciating them and encouraging them that they can perform like every other professional. Visit United Technologies website for more info.

In fact, the UTC never laid off some of its staff like other companies, but Louis Chenevert moved them to Connecticut and applied their skills in commercial and military markets.

Louis Chenevert is ever a dynamic thinker who in issues relating to business. His perception explains the success of the UTC by focussing on the two broad markets of building technology and manufacturing aerospace. He implemented the strategy of combining the diverse UTC member firms to provide a one-stop shop solution for airframe integrators and still does the same for the firms that produce solutions for builders of office towers and transportation hubs. Read more at

The strategy has never failed because he has to lead the UTC to become the family of complementary technologies thus balancing the portfolio of various UTC businesses in different types of users and markets.

Louis Chenevert says that in the world of high competition and rivalry, discipline is an important aspect for one to survive. He reveals that having a long-term vision for the marketplace will foster you to develop a working strategy that will favor your efforts in the long run. He has made his efforts in promoting the nurturing of young scholars to acquire the knowledge they need so that they can become competitive by engaging in innovation and improving the technology. He fosters the integration of students’ practical learning with academic training. This effort has managed to oversee that many young talents have secured jobs in the high demand industries enabling them to achieve better lives for themselves and their families too.


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