The Innovating Work of Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist from the state of Arizona. Hope is the founder of a mobile communications company known as Jawa and he is a prolific believer in the Internet of Things. As a futurist, Hope spends much of his time dwelling on what the future might hold. What’s more, Hope is looking to embrace futuristic ideas in order to spread the word, thus giving them momentum to come to fruition. Today, we are going to step into the mind of Jason Hope in order to learn what makes him the entrepreneur that he is today.

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Jason Hope jumped into the tech world after graduating from Arizona State University with his MBA. Hope used higher education in order to lay down the foundation of ideas that he would go on to employ. After graduating, Hope would work to make Jawa a reality. Early success in the tech field would end up allowing Hope to turn his interests toward higher aspirations. In the intervening years since Jawa found its place in the market, Jason Hope has launched his own grant program, donated extensively toward anti-aging research, and he has even begun working to establish the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things, at least to Jason Hope, looks like it could become one of the most important new industries in the world. Really a subset of smart technology, the Internet of Things is all about how we interface with devices that are connected to the internet. Looking around the average person’s home will reveal more than a couple of smart devices. Hope believes that, eventually, we will be fully immersed by smart technology. Eventually, the Internet of Things can potentially change the entire world and the way that we interact within it. Hope is advocating now for major corporations to take notice of the industry in order to get in on the ground floor.

Looking back at his entrepreneurial mindset, Hope knows that you have to stay focused. What’s more, Hope understands that having a sense of doubt is important. Hope credits his amazing team of co-workers as motivators for refining his ideas and getting them out and into the masses.




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