The Mysterious Disappearance of 28 Miners in Venezuela

In a report published by The New York Times, the mystery of the disappearance of 28 miners, working illegally, in the jungle district of Bolivar was analyzed. Relatives of the miners have protested and said that their family members, the miners, were murdered and dismembered by a faction who, apparently, had legal right to mine the area in this dangerous part of the Venezuelan jungle.

The story which was retold by Osio, has gained interest in Venezuela, and the government is investigating.
This compelling story has proved two things. The first is that Venezuela has areas which are remote, dangerous, and junglelike where the rules of law are not enforced, an area where something similar to the American sense of frontier justice from the 19th century West may take place, and secondly that all readers are compelled to read about a grisly mystery and the more sensational the news story, the larger the reading audience.
Sadly, one is reminded of the disappearance of the 34 students that disappeared in Mexico and whose bodies were eventually discovered. We hope that these miners will be discovered alive and well and that this mystery will be solved. Read the total account here.

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