The RealReal Continues to Grow Through Pop Up Shops

The RealReal is a relatively new company that is making huge waves, both online and through its first store that opened last November in SoHo, New York. The RealReal is predicting that this year will be the year of the pop up. Pop up shops have been the absolute smash hit of 2017 in places like Los Angeles and New York City. People in those city have become totally accustomed to these shops popping up every day.

The RealReal is building a new empire that offers extremely high-end consignment designer clothing at an affordable cost. All of the items have been one hundred percent certified as real designer labels. The company offers the best names in high end clothing, including names like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Michael Kors. The fact that every item is certified is a big plus for The RealReal clients, who will settle for nothing less than the best in designer clothing.

The company is hosting a variety of pop up shops in places like San Francisco and Las Vegas. The RealReal held a two-month long pop up shop in San Francisco last year that earned the brand a large bit of attention. After the San Francisco pop up was complete, The RealReal has had a five hundred percent increase in the number of online shoppers in that area since the previous year. The company hosts these pop up shops to consider whether or not the location is a good place to open a physical location. That was the instance when The RealReal opened its doors in SoHo. The pop up store that The RealReal held in New York City was reported to have earned the company over $2 million. After that, the decision was made to open a physical location.

According to a recent article in Dig Day, the average value of an order from a pop up or an in-store order is over six times that of an order that is placed online. The brand was formerly an online-only company that is now transitioning to more physical locations and pop up locations as of last year and will continue to grow in 2018.

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