The Remarkable Story Of Richard Liu Qiangdong


It is almost impossible to talk about online retail businesses without mentioning Richard Liu Qiangdong. He is the billionaire who started one of the largest retail businesses in the world. At, Liu has created an empire that is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs.


However, what many people do not know is that he did not start big. Richard created the company from almost nothing. This was after he tried to sell to his local community at his shop but realized that it was not possible to make huge profits using such a business model and so, he decided to take his business online.


Scaling new heights


When he first opened his business to the online community, the internet was not as advanced as it is today. Ibn fact, there was little penetration of the internet, and this meant that he could only reach a few people who were already connected. However, that community was big enough to cause a revolution on his investment. Richard Liu notes that even though the internet was not as popular as it is, the number of people that he could reach through his website was overwhelming, especially when he looks at the figures that he recorded with the offline shop. Go To This Page for more information


Finding new partnerships


After became the largest retail business in China, Richard Liu started looking for ways through which he could partner with more businesses. Not only did he find big partners in China, but he also got into collaborations with international businesses. For example, he has partnered with companies from Japan, Southeast Asia, UK, and many other regions. Through these partnerships, he has created solutions that are used in many parts of the world. All these solutions are meant to improve lives and ensure that people have access to the products that they need.


The story of Richard Liu Qiangdong dates back to the days when he was growing up with his parents in the province. Through mentorship and encouragement from his parents, he worked hard in school and joined the University. While his peers were moving abroad to look for office jobs, he chose to stay behind and work on building



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