The SOLVY System for Getting Homework Done

There is a totally free online math homework platform for students, teachers, and schools called SOLVY. Students can use SOLVY to access math problems that have customized for them by their teachers.

Teachers can take advantage of this technological advancement and assign mathematical exercises for their students based on the student’s interest and needs. The teachers will then be able to receive notifications when their students require extra support.

SOLVY was designed with not only the students being taken into consideration but also their teachers. Teachers can use SOLVY and save time when it comes to helping students individually. They can provide real-world context to their classrooms while using their time efficiently.

Like all modern technology is nowadays, SOLVY can be accessed on a lot of different devices. Students can interact with a graphing tool and their teachers can see the student’s work for solving the problems. By visibly seeing their student’s problem areas, they can focus their efforts on pointing out errors and misunderstandings, rather than re-teaching an entire lesson and hoping the students understand.

SOLVY is intended for high school students and their schools. It generates homework assignments according to parameters set by the teacher. Teachers have full access when it comes to creating and administrating customized learning exercises in a most timely and effective way.

One of the main attractions of SOLVY is that there are no multiple choice questions. Students must arrive at their own answers and input it into the problem. It encourages students to look for and learn from their mistakes.

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