The Story of a Legend: Matt Fleeger

A big name is derived from works done. Matt Fleeger is a living legend. The President and CEO of Gulf Western is currently Matt Fleeger. The privately-held company puts its effort on domestic oil and gas reserves in the Gulf Coast location. Why is Matt Fleeger a legend? Well, this article is ready to provide information on his contribution and about his company.

Company overview

The main focus of the Gulf Coast Western Company is on exploration and lease acquisition activities, especially the ones within the Gulf Coast region. In addition, they have a goal to explore and expand other regions of the United States. The company is blessed to have partners like the Orbit Gulf Exploration, Orbit Energy Partners, Zachry Exploration and many others. In all these, the Gulf Coast Western company has thrived in its operation, leading it to be rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

Contributions of Matt Fleeger

He is one of the listed business professionals globally. He is a giant because of his expertise in the oil and gas and not only that but also in waste management and training industries. Matt Fleeger has contributed a lot from his previous companies to the current one.

  1. Founded MedSolutions

This was a diversified company focusing specifically on treatment, transportation, and disposal of medical waste that are from healthcare companies. Apparently, he was the President and CEO for 13 years. Later on, after fulfilling his goals, he sold the company to Stericycle.

  1. Entrepreneur in the tannin industry

In his wisdom, Matt Fleeger assisted two business enterprises in amalgamation, thus combining a revenue of $100 million. Fleeger developed it to one of the largest indoor tanning operations in the nation from a small six-store. At Southern Methodist University Fleeger obtained his degree in business administration.


Fleeger’s main goal is to attribute the success of his company over the coming years to the open and build good relationships with his partners. This is to mean he is yet to contribute more internationally for greater success.

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