Trabuco Facilitates War In The Early Ages

Trabuco is a war machine that was used in the middle ages. The primary purpose of Trabuco machine was to destroy the enemies’ walls by shooting projectiles. Being a machine that originated from China, Trabuco was assembled from the best brains in the world. In Europe, it was utilized as a terrifying weapon featuring effective and efficient intensity.

Unlike ballistae and catapults on, trabuco is relatively easy to use. The mechanism behind its operation solely relies on a little human effort. Although popular in the ancient societies, trabuco was easily manufactured and maintained. The prominence of this machine also rooted from its ability to shoot heavy projectiles on longer distances. This is a feature that other machines like the catapult and ballistae do not posses.


Trabuco’s mechanism comprises the transformation of gravitational energy to kinetic movement. It is factual that the energy transformation does not occur fully. In fact, a single part of the system dissipates in two different forms of heat as well as sound. Towards this end, the total size of the machine reflects the proportional velocity to project according to This therefore means that when there is a larger weight to counter, the intensity of the projectile will heavily be felt. The effectiveness of the mechanism depends on physical calculations that include potential differences, gravitational as well as kinetic energy. These features are assimilated into directly linked up operations. In the beginning, humans operated trabuco. The specified brand here was the traction trabuco which featured a short beam that would be pulled by people to achieve motion.


In Wu Jing Yao’s documentary on, trabuco was utilized in facilitating military attacks. The machine crushed walls that were 80 meters away. Because of the complexities that came with operating the machine, trabuco was hardly in the market. Traction trabuco was utilized in Middle East. The Arab merchants found it useful in attacking their enemies. Since they highly depended on this machine, they refined its features to suit their battle needs. This was done through reforming the weight of the arm to add extra kilograms. According to the early records on hybrid trabuco, the machine had the ability to heave approximately 400 pounds stones on the walls of Egypt.

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