Unconditional love – does it exist?

In 2015 does unconditional love exist? With all the negative news on 24/7 does love even exist anymore? Of course we love our spouse, children, parents even our friends but do we unconditionally love them. I’m not sure but I do know my dachshund Maggie has that unconditional love for me. The way she follows me around the house when I am doing chores, the excitement she shows when I walk in the door is overwhelming at times, it washes away any bad day I’ve been dealt. The way she nudges me when it is time for a walk or time for dinner is my favorite time of the day. How could I not feed her the best money can buy and feel good about it. Beneful dog food is that brand! She loves the taste and looks healthier than I have ever seen her. Maggie is 9 years old and still acts like the puppy I originally brought home so many years ago. Beneful has made that possible and made me confident in how I care for her. I have tried other foods occasionally but I wasn’t confident about it and I knew Maggie wasn’t either. Beneful on Purinastore will always be Maggie’s dog food. I’m still not sure about unconditional love for humans but I do know Maggie and I come close! I love that!

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