Viper’s Cassio Audi Moves From Heavy Metal To The Financial Industry


The musical career of Cassio Audi has seen the Sao Paulo native become a member of one of the most legendary heavy metal bands ever to come out of Brazil and form the basis of the rise to prominence of the genre across South America. In the mid 1980s the heavy metal genre was moving slowly into South America and took hold of Brazil with many of the British wave of heavy metal bands of the 1970s and 80s being the largest influence on the new Brazilian bands forming at the time.

Cassio Audi’s band, Viper, have always acknowledged the influence of British bands of the early 1980s, with Iron Maiden often cited as the major source of inspiration for the early years of the band. Audi himself joined Viper in 1985 as the original drummer in what many people see as the classic lineup of a band that has dominated the Brazilian heavy metal scene across four decades of success; the stay of Cassio Audi in the band lasted only until 1989 when he departed to return to education after helping develop the unique sound of Viper in the early years of the band.

Despite only being the drummer for five years, Audi’s influence is easy to spot on the early demo recordings of the band and their first studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Cassio Audi was part of what many fans believe to be a classic time for Viper, during which the members of the band were all teenagers who came together through a love of British heavy metal music. Post Viper, the career of Cassio Audi could not have been more of a juxtaposition to his time as a musician through his rise to the top of the financial industry as a leading investment expert in his home nation of Brazil.

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