Watford FC Manager Javi Gracia Is Confident About His Team’s Performance

When it comes to being the underdog, Watford Football Club has seen its fair share in the past years. However, this season might change everything, as the team continues to perform spectacularly in the Premier League. Manager Javi Gracia, who himself was a former football player, believes that his team will achieve something different this season.

Just last month, Watford team managed to clinch the victory against their fight with Cardiff City. It was an overwhelming fight, with Watford dominating the game that ended in the score of 5-1. Forward and occasional Winger Gerard Geulofeo scored the three goals out of five while captain Troy Deeney scored the remaining two. On Cardiff’s side, Sol Bamba scored a goal for his team. Gracia was happy with the outcome of the match, which took place last February 23 and raised their overall standing in the league.

Javi Gracia stated in an interview that his team made him proud because of their good performance, as well as their show of commitment to the sport. While the team is getting better and better in each game, Gracia is committed to improving his team on areas that they lack. Meanwhile, the other team’s manager Neil Warnock believes that if referee Simon Hooper awarded a penalty to Cardiff, the game would’ve turned out differently. His insisted that his team would’ve made a different ball game had the score been 1-1.

The Watford team got another victory in the league after their match against Leicester City which happened a few days ago. During this match, Deeney and Andre Gray both scored a goal for Watford while Jamie Vardy scored a goal for his team. This makes Watford have an overall 43 points, placing them in number 8 in overall standings. Manchester City currently holds the first spot with 71 points while Liverpool follows with 70 points. Manchester City will fight Watford this Sunday.

Watford FC is now solely managed by the Italian business owner Gino Pozzo. He is known to be heavily involved in his team’s day to day activities since he and his father acquired the team last 2012. Last year, sports site Talksport named him as one of the top performing owners in the Premier League.

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