Wengie’s 12 Life Hacks for Lazy People

YouTube Sensation and lifestyle celebrity, Wengie, shows us in one of her latest videos how to maximize in getting what you want, with very little effort. Here are twelve life hacks for those of us who are a little more on the lazy side.


If you are feeling too lazy to cook yourself up a meal make any of these “1 minute cooking mug meals”. Start off with a healthier pizza mug meal made with canned beans, your choice of toppings, marinara sauce, and cheese. Pop it in the microwave for a minute and you got yourself a tasty meal! Top it off with dessert with a chocolate mug cake using self rising flour, castor sugar, baking powder, unsweetened cocoa powder, almond/soy milk, coconut oil, and vanilla extract. Cook the concoction in the microwave and you now also have something sweet to eat!


Other hacks include making yourself a chip bag holder by crunching the bottom of the chip bag until all of the chips rise up to your desired level, and using a backwards hoody as a popcorn holder for a hands-free eating experience.


Are you too lazy to actually do the chores? Download a vacuum sound to pretend that you are actually vacuuming, and print out a picture of a clean sink to put in the sink to pretend that you actually washed the dishes.


Additional life hacks include: using the yogurt lid to make a spoon, ironing your clothes with a hair straightener, putting cling wrap on your dishes so you don’t have to wash them after using them, and drinking from a sippy cup while you are lying down so you don’t have to get up. You can also use your phone as an oven checker when combined with FaceTime, and also as a universal television remote by downloading an app.


Want to be able to watch movies from your tablet or iPad while lying down and not having to hold it? Just outline your iPad/tablet on a flat space on a wall or side furniture and then affix some wall hooks into the measured area so that you can slide your device right in and then watch to your heart’s delight, or until you fall asleep.


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