What Kind of Dog Food Shopper Are You?

When it comes to selecting a dog food, it’s fair to say that the choices are more that optimal. There are even new products on the shelves that are made with whole grains and plenty of offerings that will allow you to ensure your dog is fed with healthy portions. However, you may have a hard time actually making a selection. Dog food shoppers can be divided into three categories, which one are you?

The Bargain Shopper

This type of shopper doesn’t concern themselves with the content of the dog food. Rather, they are looking to fill their dogs bellies with the cheapest food possible. They are usually on a budget themselves and are only picking from the lowest priced items because it is what they can afford. They want the biggest bag for the lowest possible price.

The Concerned Health Nut

The health nut scans the bag and thoroughly looks through every ingredient. They may look through the ingredients and do some research online. They know all the technical terms that are used to hide sugars and other bi-products. They take their dogs health very seriously and they are sure that there is nothing that can hurt their precious pooch in the food. These people may have tried home-made dog food at one time.

The Middle of The Road Shopper

The middle of the road shopper cares about their dog and wants them to get the things they need, but they don’t have time to fuss with tons of research. They may scan the ingredients and check the price, but they like to come in somewhere in the middle of both of the other two kinds of shoppers. They care, but not as much about price and or quality.

It’s easy to see which category of dog food shopper you are in. However, regardless of which category, you will probably find that Purina’s Beneful line is a great option. It’s not the lowest price, but it certainly is priced right. The company is concerns about what they put in their dog foods, including using whole grains, corn, and real meat. One thing that makes Beneful stand out from the rest is that they have a perfect balance of wholesome ingredients, and their food tastes good too. All the great ingredients in the world won’t help if a dog won’t eat it.

The Beneful line is quite extensive too. They have 8 dry dog food varieties, 20 wet or homestyle varieties, and 15 different kinds of treats. Even if one dog didn’t like a specific kind, then there is always something else that can be chosen for them to try. Their products are made in the USA in local towns close to home. They have several manufacturing plants all over the country. Each plant has quality assurance controls in place that can ensure that each food that is released from the factory upholds Purina’s superior standards. When you buy Purina, you buy a name that dog owners have trusted for decades.

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