Why E-cigs have become more popular.

E-cigs has become more popular nowadays, and more people are embracing the new idea of enjoying their cigarettes. Some of the reasons users prefer e-cigs include; the product is portable and handheld, unlike other brands it contains flavours making the smoking process even better, they are smell free, e-cigs are affordable since they range in many prices, the product is also preferred by users since it is recreational.

There has also been a new entry in the e-cigs sector, O2Pur has been in the industry for few years and has managed to deliver.

some of the major companies in e-cigs production include;

Phillip Morris.

This is also the other leading company in e-cigs, the company is well known for their rechargeable device looking like a pen where a short cigarette is inserted, this product became very popular since it used real tobacco for flavours and not the e-cig vapour.

British America Tobacco.

This company has managed to be one of the largest in the market; they seek to provide new and better solutions for their users and improve the experience. In the bid to give the best British America Tobacco is working on Heat-not-burn, HNB is a new technology that will change e-cigs, the technology intents to heat tobacco and produce a vapour that ensures users receive the nicotine taste as well as the different flavours. Unlike the other version of e-cigs which uses fused nicotine liquid, and will allow users to experience real tobacco.

Understanding the different flavours.

The list of flavours is long, and this guarantees users that their need will be met, the first flavour is regular, it is the most common flavour and gives the user that fresh feeling of tobacco. Menthol, is another flavour it is fresh mint, the flavour is made from a combination of fresh tobacco and the mint and provides that fresh feeling and satisfies the menthol taste.

Peach pit, this flavour allows you to enjoy your cigarette even while enjoying the sweetness, peach pit lasts longer. Apache this is a brand for the bold e-cigs users not afraid to have the experience of a lifetime, people who prefer pipe tobacco or filter-less tobacco this flavour is for you.

The list of flavours is endless, and you can choose from a vast variety, it is also essential to understand the companies behind this great products.

When it comes to different flavours and products one new company that has emerged in the e-cig market with a storm is O2pur.

O2Pur is a new company that also aims at providing their clients with the best experience. O2Pur has received a good audience because of their variety products like e-liquids that are affordable to all users.

Find out more about O2pur: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/things-cigarettes/story?id=23445234

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